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Unhappiness Epidemic At Work

The Economist writes this week in Hating What You Do about the epidemic of unhappiness at work. It claims “the most obvious reason for the rise in unhappiness is the recession, which is destroying jobs at a startling rate and spreading anxiety throughout the workforce. But the recession is also highlighting longer-term problems.”

We find the analysis superficial and narrow minded. The recession is a big trigger for anxiety but not the cause for unhappiness. Unhappiness is an expression of multiple factors and currents in the lives of people. These include:

  1. Loss of the sense of control
  2. Unpreparedness to adjust one’s expectations
  3. Inability to cope with change and adapt through transitions
  4. A sense of disenfranchisement, isolation and lack of support
  5. Energetic depletion
  6. Chemical imbalance
  7. Loneliness, alienation and missing companionship and intimacy
  8. Inability to connect with and impact your environment (work, social, culture…)
  9. Loss of autonomy and the sense of dignity
  10. Spiritual deprivation and hunger for meaning and significance

Happy teams and happy organizations are able to integrate and foster the five Ps. In addition to Profit they benefit and help: People, Planet, Progress and Purpose.

© Aviv Shahar

True Success

True success is not simply getting to the top. You do not need to win a gold medal. Not at all. True success is doing what you love to do and doing it fully well to create results that last beyond you. Success is to find your sweet spot and express your passion and capabilities in ways that make a difference and create significance.

To succeed is to do what you have chosen to do and to be free to do it fully.

© Aviv Shahar

The Vitality Secret

“I Am Not Aware I Am 100 Years Old” says composer Elliot Carter in his conversation with Charlie Rose on his birthday.  Carter’s 100th birthday was celebrated with the NY Symphony playing his new work, Interventions for Piano and Orchestra.

What is the secret of extraordinary vitality and creativity?  What keeps him going at 100 years old?

Carter gets up every morning ready for the adventure of discovery. He gets up to discover the music inside him. He never feels like he has already reached the top of the mountain. He is still climbing. He is focused on his work and he enjoys it.

We can all learn from Elliot Carter the secrets of vitality and creativity. Try this for 10 days:
1. Get up ready for the adventure of discovery.
2. Create and develop the ideas and music you hear inside.
3. Focus on your work and enjoy it.

© Aviv Shahar

The Seven Lucks

The 1st luck is to be healthy and able.
The 2nd luck is to have food on your table and a roof over your head; to not suffer cold and deprivation.
The 3rd luck is to be able to work, to be productive and to add value.
The 4th luck is to enjoy companionship and love, to know you are not alone.
The 5th luck is to have someone who believes in you completely and unreservedly. (Having this 5th luck at an early age shows up later as an adult with healthy self-esteem and confidence.)
The 6th luck is to have discovered your gift and your passion; to have found what exhilarates and energizes you.
The 7th luck is to discover why you are here, what causes you are meant to serve – to live on purpose, knowing that your life matters and is an expression of the divine reason for your being here.

© Aviv Shahar

The Greatest Pragmatism In The World

The greatest pragmatism in the world is to have a dream you work toward realizing. To say, “I don’t dream. I deal in reality.” is to negate your power and to deny your ability to transform reality. Your ability to work and to realize your purpose and dream is the most real thing in the world. It is reality.

Put differently, without idealism, a “realistic” and “pragmatic” approach does not mean much. Idealism is about having a dream, a passionate purpose. Realism is about what is. Pragmatism is about what works, what gets results. It turns out that what is and what works is to take action towards a purpose, a vision, a dream you feel strongly about. Small, consistent, focused actions towards your dream are the real path forward. It is pragmatic idealism. The greatest pragmatism in the world.

© Aviv Shahar

True Joy

True joy is the fulfillment of a need.

Joy is when your work and service answer another person’s need. Fulfilling the need provides meaning and purpose and validates what you are here to do. Joy is found in the realization of your purpose in living.

© Aviv Shahar

The Ten Commandments ala Will Smith

This is a great 60 Minutes piece. It’s so good I had to find an excuse to post it here. I therefore made up the Ten Commandments ala Will Smith in the spirit of this interview.

1. You shall view yourself as only slightly above the average talent.
2. You shall have a ridiculously sickening work ethic. When other guys are sleepin’, you shall be workin’. When other guys are eatin’, you shall be workin’. When other guys are makin’ love you shall work hard at makin’ love.
3. You shall have ease and enthusiasm.
4. You shall never accept that there is something you cannot do.
5. You shall love livin’, that’s infectious – that you cannot fake.
6. You shall follow the “no brainer” path (special effects, with creatures, in a love story).
7. You shall make whatever you do look good.
8. You shall ask – “who the hell is Mr. Smith?”, you shall never take yourself too seriously.
9. You shall draw everyone around you into the spot light.
10. You shall be happy doin’ what you do. You shall have a great time. And you shall share it.

© Aviv Shahar

Priests & Firefighters – What Do They Have In Common

Questions: What do Priests and Firefighters have in common?
Answer: They both deal in matters of higher intervention, and they both rush in where angels fear to tread.  Priests try to light a fire in the house and firefighters try to put it out. Well, perhaps.
The right answer though is that they both made the top of TIME’s list of the happiest people by occupation.
You could say they are both in the business of saving people’s lives. Their job is connected to a mission and perhaps therein lies a clue to their happiness.
The top happiest occupations of firefighters and priests were followed by these jobs: Reservation and Ticket Agents and Architects. These professions don’t deal in higher intervention but they facilitate people’s dreams and aspirations.

Humor aside, we are not surprised by the conclusion of the TIME’s survey that says: “For the most part Happiness isn’t about money… …Nobody has put a price on happiness yet.” We said so ourselves in the KEY: “Happiness Matters.”
Isn’t it time, the TIME’s started reading the KEY…

© Aviv Shahar

The KEY: Happiness Matters!

This Key helps you re-discover happiness with new eyes. Take a few moments to reflect on the 20 elements that lead to a happy and actualized life. Discover how you can help the people who work with you, your friends and family to be happier and which of these elements you might want to focus on for yourself.

The Elements of Happiness
Are you surrounded by happy people? Do you consider yourself a happy person?

“What’s the point; happiness is overrated,” you may think. Think again.
Happy people are more productive, more willing and collaborative, more creative and eager to take initiative and solve problems, have fewer sick days, attract happy customers, are nicer to be with, and make for a happier workplace.
Unhappiness sucks the life out of us. It brings stress, tiredness, sickness and ultimately kills us. Happy people make your life easier. They are more energizing to be around. They inspire you to be a better and happier person yourself.

Discover the 20 elements of happiness.

© Aviv Shahar

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