The KEY: World Cup Innovation Lesson

What can we learn from Germany’s winning the World Cup? How are these insights relevant to your organization’s innovation strategy?

Successful innovation requires resilience, enthusiasm, the commitment of resources, a disciplined process, and the best minds of your organization working together and having conversations at a whole new level.

The German team demonstrated a systems approach to its matches. Its members brought depth, focus, selfless team spirit, and disciplined execution.

Read the KEY here.


© Aviv Shahar

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    The KEY: Lesson from the Israeli Air Force – Start Talking to Yourself

    The Israeli Air Force discovered one of the best training methodologies I have ever encountered. In this KEY you will learn more about what I discovered during my fighter pilot course: talking out loud can make you more efficient. It can even save your life. Read the Key here.


    © Aviv Shahar

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      The Triangle of Change

      You just landed in the executive chair, the role you’ve desired. Now you must realize your window of opportunity. Where to begin? How do you rally your new team to make critical changes and actualize your vision?

      This was the situation Ron found himself. When he earned the executive position he had imagined for years, he knew he needed to take action immediately. In this Key you will learn how Ron approached his opportunity to accelerate the growth of his organization. You will discover the three critical elements to mobilize change. Read more here.


      © Aviv Shahar

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        17 Pivots for Your Spring Reboot

        From my experience and that of many of my clients, this year is showing itself to be a robust ride filled with surprises. Have you noticed that challenges and opportunities show up together?

        If you feel blindsided or out of rhythm, now is a great time for a reboot. If you feel fatigued or uncertain, try a change in direction or behavior. If you are doing great and want to build on existing momentum, select a pivot from the list below to begin your revitalization.

        In this KEY you will find a series of pivots you can implement immediately to reboot your work environment.


        © Aviv Shahar

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          Greatness is Not a Destination

          What you do along your professional journey prepares you for what you are here to serve.

          In the case of Gandhi, for instance, his early study of the British law helped him negotiate for India’s independence.

          For John Paul II, it was his stage acting as a young man during the war that prepared him for the role of his life as the first Pope in the TV age.

          Steve Jobs described his early study of calligraphy as the catalyst to the idea of merging design and beauty into computers.

          The point is that much of your work is about building capabilities and seeding possibilities. Your journey is about opening future options.

          Where do you find greatness?

          Greatness is the charisma that accompanies the journey to discover how you are meant to gift this world.


          © Aviv Shahar

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            Winning a Dogfight in The Air

            In this Key I am going to share with you a focusing practice. This practice saved my life and it can save your life too, not just in flight, but in business and at work.

            Life is not a dogfight. There is a lot more to living and working than a fight between two opposing sides. Many situations are not a zero sum game, where one side is the winner and the other the loser. We now operate in a world that is hyper-complex in more ways than we can easily navigate. You often collaborate with the competition, and co-create opportunities with all parties involved. This is a universe of exponential possibilities. In such an interconnected world the dogfight bifocal practice is even more critical. Read more about the dogfight bifocal practice here.

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              Cloister for Business Breakthroughs

              I enjoyed last week working with a great German team. The leadership team generated new insights, new ideas, and new agreements and created accelerated velocity. We worked in a cloister where Benedict nuns used to work, surrounded by wine country…a great place to create business breakthroughs.

              2014-03-25 13.11.30

              Cloister 1 A

              2014-03-25 14.42.58 HDR

              Cloister 2

              Cloister 3

              Cloister 4


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                My Answer to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

                In his compelling interview with Adam Bryant of the New York Times, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella framed the ultimate game-changing question but left it unanswered.

                The question Nadella asked is: “How do you create that self-organizing capability to drive innovation and be focused?”

                Here is my answer to Nadella’s captivating question.

                © Aviv Shahar

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                  Three Horses for the Year of The Horse

                  A Chinese teacher offered me an intriguing parable. He said, “In this year of the horse you get to choose among three types, the race horse, the dressage horse and the work horse. The race horse is an intense thoroughbred that can quickly accelerate to a wild run. The dressage horse is a gentle and graceful animal that can teach you how to ride. The large, strong work horse can plow on and carry your cart forward steadily. This year offers you these three choices. You must select which one will lead you.”

                  What is your choice? Which horse is the one to help you move your business forward this year?

                  What you imagine guides what you implement. Reflect on the above parable as you work to align your near-term efforts (Horizon One) with your long-term desired state (Horizon Three.)

                  © Aviv Shahar

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                    Your long-term vision must guide your near-term priorities

                    You must work on the near term with a long term focus in mind.

                    © Aviv Shahar

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