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The Enlightenment Paradox & The “New Normal”

Utopian Views of enlightenment envisioned an empowered and knowledge-proliferated society that would become problem free. It turned out that the opposite is the case. Whether our post modern society is enlightened or not is arguable but what is clear is that a whole new set of difficult and complex problems have emerged. Problems that quickly mutate and then go viral. In a globalized inter-dependent and...

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Discover The Universe

The impulse to look at the stars and to study the universe – this ancient quest to unlock these mysteries is ultimately a deep curiosity about life and its origin and about us, humans. “Man and woman are made in the image of God”. Hence the idea, that to study the human we study the universe. I am reminded of this impulse, watching Roy Gould...

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New Epoch Big Bang – From DNA To RNA Centric Biology

(Excerpts from writing on June 20th, triggered by the Economist Magazine: Biology Big Bang, June 14th) In 1953 the double helix molecule of the DNA was identified. The secret to life was believed to have been found. It is difficult to overestimate how far reaching and enveloping this belief became in the following decades. It was a paradigm that captured our imagination. We learned to...

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