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My Answer to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

In his compelling interview with Adam Bryant of the New York Times, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella framed the ultimate game-changing question but left it unanswered.

The question Nadella asked is: “How do you create that self-organizing capability to drive innovation and be focused?”

Here is my answer to Nadella’s captivating question.

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Three Horses for the Year of The Horse

A Chinese teacher offered me an intriguing parable. He said, “In this year of the horse you get to choose among three types, the race horse, the dressage horse and the work horse. The race horse is an intense thoroughbred that can quickly accelerate to a wild run. The dressage horse is a gentle and graceful animal that can teach you how to ride. The large, strong work horse can plow on and carry your cart forward steadily. This year offers you these three choices. You must select which one will lead you.”

What is your choice? Which horse is the one to help you move your business forward this year?

What you imagine guides what you implement. Reflect on the above parable as you work to align your near-term efforts (Horizon One) with your long-term desired state (Horizon Three.)

© Aviv Shahar

Your long-term vision must guide your near-term priorities

You must work on the near term with a long term focus in mind.

© Aviv Shahar

The KEY: The Seventh Fisherman

In this KEY I share with you what I learned by observing a group of fishermen: What attracts the fish? Why some are successful and others not?

Read about the three lessons I have learned from observing the seventh fisherman here.


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