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Liberating the innovative power of your teams

Most organizations use only a small portion of their capacity to innovate. To produce breakthrough results you need much more than prolific brainstorming.

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What is Transformational Leadership

The success that got you to where you are today is not sufficient to get you where you want to go. The muscle that created the present is not adequate to building a different and new tomorrow.

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Your Most Critical Choices

All discipline boils down to these two. The discipline to do. And the discipline to not do.

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Solving Complex Problems

Complex problems do not always need complex solutions. With complex problems we are better off creating simple solutions.

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Changing the World by Building Your Dream Business

You have a great idea and tremendous aspirations. You want to lead change, to inspire, to catalyze transformation.

And you want to build a better, more just, sustainable, and enlightened world.

What do you do? How do you go about realizing your dreams?

To become an entrepreneur who transforms brilliant ideas into life-changing products and services, you must focus your efforts on building a thriving consulting business that has a profound impact on the world and enables you to live the life you choose. Developing such a business means building your platform, acquiring your ideal clients, and engaging in work that makes your heart sing.

In addition, your business must be resilient enough to face and overcome successfully whatever challenges you encounter along your entrepreneurial journey.  How to focus your efforts so you get the desired results, where to begin, how to finance your business, how to get out of debt, and how to create your own “breaks” are common obstacles that consultants face. Successful entrepreneurs re-frame these challenges as opportunities and focus on addressing them.

If having a major impact on the world and living the life of your choice appeals to you, then this workshop experience is for you. Changing the World by Building Your Dream Business is about turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones on your growth and success journey by applying your whole person to the challenges and opportunities in front of you.

Join my workshop at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute here. 

Joyous Living

What are some of the essential elements that make for joyous and happy living?

Here is what I’ve observed in my work with thousands of people around the world. People who live joyously apply the following five ideas.

© Aviv Shahar

The Key – Prepare For Success

In this Key we use “The Shawshank Insight” to reflect on the fear of attainment and to ask: Are you preparing for success?

For many, the one fear more crippling than the fear of failure is the fear of success.

A setback will require someone to take responsibility—which means to remediate and resolve the challenges the failure brings and then extract learning.

Success, on the other hand, needs a responsible party to not curtail it and to fully realize and express its potential. Read the full key here.

© Aviv Shahar

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