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The KEY: Your Biggest Choice Ever

We are entering the most critical period of our lives. This coming decade is perhaps the most crucial time of all times. Immense struggles everywhere indicate that Planet Earth and Humanity as a whole are experiencing a transformative change. The promise of this change is a birthing into a new time. We are all called to take a stand, to choose in small and big ways to make a difference. Your biggest choice ever defines you as a leader. The default option chosen by most is easy but dangerous. If ever there was an important resolution to make, this is it. Click here to discover your biggest choice ever.

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The KEY: Your Accelerating Universe

The 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics is the inspiration for this KEY.  Humans have struggled to embrace new paradigms about the world and about themselves from the beginning of time. We are now living through such a disruptive period where breakdowns and breakthroughs converge into confusing and chaotic change. But amidst dysfunction and impossibility, profound breakthroughs and system upgrades are possible.

Man’s view of the universe is a reflection of man’s view of himself. Scientists now believe the Universe is pumping extra space between celestial bodies at an accelerated rate. In this KEY we explore the breakthrough implications of an accelerating Universe. Once you embrace this new paradigm and way of looking at the world, just about everything gets redefined, including the meaning of work, creativity and innovation. Click here to discover the shocking realization of the accelerating Universe and how it can transform your view of almost everything.

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