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Aspen Images

On a recent visit to Aspen I reflected on Aspen as a lesson in renewal.
Aspen 1.0: Silver mining and production (1880-1892). After the Panic of 1893 and its economic collapse Aspen mines were closed and thousands of miners were put out of work.
Aspen 2.0: Ski Resort. The Aspen Skiing Corporation was founded in 1946 and the town quickly became a well-known resort, hosting the FIS World Championships in 1950.
Aspen 3.0: Affluence & ideas. The  Aspen Institute, the Aspen Music Festival, Aspen Ideas Festival together with concentration of wealth create a vortex of renewal today.
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Aspen 1

Aspen 1 a

Aspen 1c

Aspen 2

Aspen 3

The Aspen Institute
Aspen Institute 1

Aspen Institute 2

Aspen Institute 3

Aspen Institute 4

Aspen Institute 5

Aspen Institute 6

Aspen Institute 7

Aspen Institute 8

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One Year Later – Three Lessons

The email below came this morning from the Davis Waldorf School Administrator, Kelly Brewer. It brought home three lessons:

Lesson One: never underestimate the power of a small dedicated group of people to turn the seemingly impossible into actuality.

Lesson Two: you never know what the impact of your work today may make possible in a year.

Lesson Three: transformational breakthrough is always nearby, inside. First one person makes the leap of belief and confidence, then the second and then others make the leap together.


Hello Aviv,

Last night we celebrated the building expansion of the Davis Waldorf School. A year ago at our annual Board/Faculty retreat, you helped us envision our needs. I wanted you to know that we realized them in under a year.

Our 25 year old school was in desperate need of additional classroom, office and gathering space. When we came into the weekend, it was not even a dream that we could have what we truly needed.

After our insightful work together looking at where we came from and our strengths and opportunities for growth, it became obvious that expansion was necessary. You asked me to sit in the middle of the group and make it happen. I didn’t think that I knew how to do that, but with your guidance I was able to inspire the group to take that most important first step.

Our work together truly transformed our campus and school. It now feels like we are a stable and mature school poised for the next level of our growth and development. Our 200+ children and families are benefiting daily from the work we did together on that August weekend just one year ago.

As the building ceremony was winding down, I realized that you were not thanked properly. Please allow me this opportunity to deliver a deep and heartfelt thank you for helping us reach our dreams.

Kelly Brewer
Davis Waldorf School

Creativity Unleashed

Our next teleconference: Creativity Unleashed – You don’t have to be a Mozart to compose music or Steve Jobs to create breakthrough innovation is on Friday September 17th. We will start promptly at 2:00 p.m. EDT (11am PDT) and will run approximately 60 minutes.

You can us join here

What will we cover:

  • What is creativity?
  • Where does creativity come from?
  • Put yourself in situations where creativity can be unleashed in you.
  • What blocks creativity?
  • What are the key practices of highly creative people?
  • Change, transformation, innovation begin with capturing the idea and then putting it to work.
  • How can you engender creative collaboration and teamwork creativity?

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Climbing Mount Rainier

Edan and his friend Dan redefined “good planning” – they ascended Mount Rainier and put on white shirts and ties for a memorable summit shot.

Mount Rainier Blog 8

Mount Rainier Blog 4

Mount Rainier Blog 1

Mount Rainier Blog 2

Mount Rainier Blog 7

Mount Rainier Blog 15

Mount Rainier Blog 5

Mount Rainier Blog 6

Mount Rainier Blog 9

Mount Rainier Blog 12

Mount Rainier Blog 14

Mount Rainier Blog 16

Mount Rainier Blog 17

Mount Rainier Blog 3

The KEY – Seven Summer Springboards

Too many people grind through life, vacillating from procrastination to recalcitrance. Too many people surrender to the corrupting belief that they are powerless and choose to live in resignation of the opportunity and the charge of being co-creators of their world. In this KEY, I’d like to share with you Seven Springboards that can help you reboot and find your next opportunities.  Read the KEY here. Listen to the Seven Springboards podcast below:

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