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Mount Hood

Edan and friends climbing Mount Hood

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Discovering Opportunities

Failure mistakenly got itself a bad name and is highly over-rated. In this second excerpt from the Teleconference: Overcoming Resistance – putting your goals and priorities to action we explore the opportunities you can discovered in challenge and resistance.

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The Golden Rule for Learning and Development Professionals

An excerpt from the teleconference: Overcoming Resistance – putting your goals and priorities to action and manifesting your life. In this excerpt we discuss the 90/10 Golden Rule of adults learning and development.

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Coal Lake

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The KEY: The Leadership Challenge – The Accountability Heart

Why do some ideas and intentions get realized while others do not? Why do specific communications deliver results and other communications get stalled half way?

As a leader, you are in the business of getting results. Leadership is about facing the world as it is and opening a way forward to create and realize what is yet to be. This KEY explores the heart of the leadership challenge—transforming ideas into actuality. Read the KEY here.
Listen to the KEY here:

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