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Win A Prize Contest!

You can win a prize with the value of $200. The first person to send us an email with an answer to this riddle will get a free set of the 10 Emerald Keys CDs + extra bonus.

Here is your riddle: GOI & LIG is a powerful formula for success and for happy living. Assimilate the meaning and essence of GOI & LIG and your energy level, focus, and leadership charisma will double.

What is the meaning of these two abbreviations: GOI and LIG

The first person to email the correct answer will be the winner of $200 prize – the complete Emerald KEYs set. We will publish the winner’s name and the answer here on our blog.

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Are You Coachable?

Are you coachable? Are you coachable with the most important people in your life?

I prefer picking up the phone when I am in my best energy zone. I want to give the people in my life the best I can offer. Last week I called Edan, our son, as I walked into the house from six hours on the road. I was tired and not at my top game. When he picked up the phone I heard myself say: “Did I wake you up?” As the words came out, I knew it was a stupid question to ask your 21 year old son at 5:30 p.m. EST (when it’s 2:30 p.m. for him in Seattle).

He was busy and said he would call back in 10 minutes. When he called back the conversation went like this:

Edan: You taught me that the people closest to you can be the biggest stoppers of your growth and development if in their minds they are holding a picture of you from the past and are not ready to update their view of you.
Me: That is correct.
Edan: Well, so what kind of way is it to start a conversation with me by saying: “did I wake you up?” Do you expect that I would be sleeping at 2:30pm? It is Saturday, and it is true that a few years ago I used to sleep in on Saturday; but I have been up this morning working away on my projects. If you do not update your view of me – if you hold in your mind how I was four years ago, you are constricting my growth and development opportunity today.

This is the coachable moment, in the choice I make in the response.
Me: You are absolutely right. Point taken. How would you want me to address you when we begin a call?
Edan: You can start by asking: “How are you changing the world today?”

“How are you changing the world” is how we begin our calls ever since.

What’s the point? Tiredness, hours on the road and many other things can be good excuses to be at less than your best. But something great happens when we let go of excuses and step into the moment. Being coachable -being openly engaged with the people in your life-is a gift. They help you become the greater person they know you can be. The feedback I got snapped me back to attention. Truth is a great coach. Getting the truth back from someone close to you is a coaching moment. Acknowledging truth is the first step of being coachable. Making a full response. Walking through the door that was opened is how you turn the coaching invitation into a transformational moment.

I choose to be coachable. It makes for a thrilling life. What about you, are you coachable?

© Aviv Shahar

The Dalai Lama Follows Me On Twitter

Yes, I know. The Dalai Lama follows 34,439 other people on Twitter or he did the last time I checked. I doubt the Dalai Lama really follows so many tweets. I think he would have to sacrifice his meditation time and other commitments. Still, it occurred to me that something important is going on here.

What is the Twitter phenomenon? Is it the ultimate form of democratization of discourse, where everyone, from the president to the janitor, can converse with everyone else (providing it is done in 140 characters)? What does it tell us beyond the fact that we all crave attention so much that we scream out into the void?

It tells me that:
1. We want to feel connected. To belong to something bigger.
2. We seek to be in conversation with people we admire, and with strangers. Directly, not through intermediaries.
3. We aspire to plug into some greater invisible power, communicate with it and tap the greater collective unconscious.

The unconscious intelligence that sits inside the collective space itself desires to move into the light of consciousness. Still, there is a bigger point in the idea that the Dalai Lama follows me on Twitter (even if it is not him in person, but only one of his assistants).

Here is that point: if you knew that the Dalai Lama (or someone that you consider a spiritual authority) reads every thought that goes through your mind, would your thoughts be influenced? If you knew that your thoughts as you think them are appearing somewhere on a google screen in the heavens, would that change your thoughts?

If you knew that all your mental tweets are recorded and stored in this heavenly google and that you will ultimately re-live this script when your time comes to leave this Earth – would you think differently? Would you be more compassionate, more forgiving, more loving?

Hey, if you knew your thoughts partly shape the heavens, and the here and now, by the quality of your intent and the energetic value you generate – and that you were not just a dancer on the stage but also the choreographer – would that influence which thoughts you give credence to?

That’s what occurred to me when I got an email that the Dalai Lama follows me: You better pay attention to what you think, what you say and to the actions you take. Now that the Dalai Lama follows me on Twitter, you can follow me too here

© Aviv Shahar

2009 Teleconferences series – Keys To Personal Mastery:

We are excited to now offer you a series of teleconferences with Aviv that are designed especially to help you polish and excel your Personal Mastery.

The 2009 series – Keys To Personal Mastery will focus on “How to grow and succeed in tough environments”. In this teleconference series Aviv will share powerful keys with you that helped top performers reach even greater heights. Each teleconference includes vital mindsets, tried and tested high impact strategies and rich content. At the conclusion of each session, there will be a brief question-and-answer segment.

These development strategies and transformational insights are not available through any other source.

Personal Mastery teleconferences are $35 each, but the series of six teleconferences can be purchased for $195. If you purchase the series prior to April 30 2009, it will cost you only $150. The fee includes the teleconference and an MP3 download within 48 hours after the event. All teleconferences are at 2 PM EST and are one hour long. Instructions are emailed in advance and then emailed a second time several days prior to the event.

Here are the dates and the topics that will be discussed:

FRI May 1st – Be Your Own CEO
You are not only your own Chief Executive Officer, you are also your Chief Evolution Officer—in charge of creating your future growth and development.

FRI June 5th – Breakthrough Mindsets for Tough Times
Turn challenges into opportunities—powerful strategies for every situation. Lead with charisma and confidence.

FRI July 10th – The MVP (Most Valuable Player) Game
The champion profile— to lead you must be transformational. Generate value anywhere, anytime. See Constellations Where Others See Stars.

FRI August 7th – The Solution Gym
Bigger Solutions Need A Bigger Person. Apply the five-step practice used by the best solution generators to turn breakdowns to breakthroughs.

FRI September 11th – Your High value TERF assets
Your TERF: Time, Energy, Relationships and Focus are your most precious assets. Strategies to generate optimal ROI on your precious assets.

FRI October 9th – Your Sweet Spot
Where passion and competence converge is action. Casting a new and greater net.

“Personal Mastery is to manifest your talent, realize your greatness and actualize your purpose.”

© Aviv Shahar

Trust Your Inner Guidance

Nothing your body tells you is inherently wrong or bad. It is merely a sign or a signal of needing attention. Your body is a progress and development laboratory. It is a complex intelligence system, a laboratory that generates signs, alerts, and signals of awareness. It intelligently responds to your environment. You are your own forensic system. Pain, weakness and fatigue are like indicator lights on the dashboard of your car or error messages on your computer. Excitement, ease and energy are confirmations of a full gas tank, adequate levels of essential lubricants and the green light of well maintained automatic systems.

Your body contains your own IGS – Internal Guidance System. Your IGS guides you in life, in business, and in relationships. The art of living is learning to hear, to notice the cues from your IGS and to respond to them. Call it gut. Instinct. Intuition. Knowing. There are different levels serving your safety and your successful realization.

Self-criticism is a sign that your system is experiencing contradiction, disharmony or some form of being out of balance. Too much of something, or too little. Too high or too low. Your IGS is always calibrating and recalibrating. Your external response and conversation is a calibration in process. You sense, attune and calibrate your action. It’s about energetic signals, about what’s optimal. You calibrate the context of what you know, of where you have been, what you have done, who you have been with and where you are going.

Do not be harsh on yourself for experiencing fatigue or anything else. Do not surrender to guilt. Do not give in to shame. Do not diminish your self-esteem. They shut down your internal guidance system. Blunt your inner sensors. Distance you from truth. Always begin by noticing and acknowledging the registration. Do not personalize it. You are not your body. Your body is your learning and discovery laboratory. It is not who you are.

Never begin with the assumption that your body is at fault. In most situations it is not. It is a smart system. You are a compound set of intelligences. On a treasure hunt. To find what you are here to do. How to do it well. What is optimal. You listen. Calibrate. Pause. Learn to trust your inner guidance. And then you move forward. You take action.

© Aviv Shahar

Innovation Leadership At Google

Here are the steps of the innovation process at Google as distilled from this conversation of Marissa Mayer, V.P. of Search Product and User Experience with Charlie Rose.

Innovation steps:
Step One: Idea
Step Two: Prototype
Step Three: Build a team
Step Four: Productize
Step Five: Iterate

Other key aspects of Google’s leadership:
1. Broad mission
2. Hiring great people: Smart x get things done + Determined to make a difference
3. Team empowerment
4. Asking great, new questions
5. Product management mindset – where technology and market need meet

© Aviv Shahar

Transform Struggle Into Endeavor

This is a comment I posted on Deepak Chopra’s reply to a question about how to recreate a new belief about struggle.

Transform struggle into endeavor.
The narrative of endeavor is different from the struggle story.
Struggle means moving away from absence.
Endeavor means moving towards the realization of presence.

True joy is the fulfillment of a need.
Peace can be found in the endeavor of purpose,
where pity gives way to compassion and fear gives way to forbearance.
Hardship is not the nature of a spiritual quest, but it is hard for the spirit to inhabit the flesh.
Perseverance and the courage of defiance—to find and realize what you are here to be and do—will produce the creative tension of your endeavor.

Never feel sorry for yourself.
It is a waste of a precious fuel.
Resolve to make the best of your situation.
Trust that you are never alone.
Even in the loneliest hours.

Grace is always nearby,
even in what appears to be your darkest hour.
These are times when your soul is fashioned into new readiness.

Brace yourself to find all that is good,
in you and in others.
And yes, be that very thing you are meant to be.
This is a generous universe,
Your hope is its actuality,
And its hope is you, having risen to be what you are meant to be.

© Aviv Shahar


Freedom is in not wanting to live any other person’s life. It is in living your own life at full, here and now and not anyone else’s.

© Aviv Shahar

The KEY: The Solutions Gym – Your NOOOA Practice

Discover a five-step practice used by the best solution generators in The KEY: The Solutions Gym – Your NOOOA Practice. Help the people around you become world-class problem solvers. You will be creating a network of confident can-do solution generators who will bring energy, opportunities and inspiration back to you.

© Aviv Shahar

The Entrepreneur DNA – Reid Hoffman Of Linkedin

What is the DNA of entrepreneurial success?

Here are the five points, the DNA of entrepreneurial success I distilled from Reid Hoffman of in a conversation with Charlie Rose.

1. Work on a great idea
2. Develop effective execution
3. Commit to change the world
4. Exercise intelligent risk taking
5. Manage your network

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