Sam Szteinbaum, Chief Learning Officer, Hewlett Packard

“Great job! This seminar enabled my team to build the foundation needed to get to the next level of performance and effectiveness… I used Aviv multiple times while at HP (both as a business manager and then as CLO for the company). He consistently delivered high quality content, which created tremendous value for the company and personally for each individual who participated in his programs (based on their own feedback after these events). Aviv’s work is customized to the needs for each team and situation. He develops unique content and is flexible to ensure the business objectives are achieved. He has been undeniably the most impactful vendor I worked with at HP over my 25 year career.”

Susan Vanell-Charpentier, Group Manager – Procter & Gamble

“Aviv engaged with our group at Procter & Gamble to help us develop the future blueprint of our organization. The effort covers all aspects of our vision, value creation strategy and work. He has been instrumental in helping me orchestrate a series of transformational, global experiences that enable leaders at varying levels in the Company (from entry level to senior executive) to envision the future and find concrete ways to bring it to life throughout our organization. He has taken our vision of the future and created engagements the very process of which empowers the participants to work in the way of the future. From designing the process of an event, to thinking through the small but powerful details, Aviv is masterful at understanding organizations at an individual and a macro level and using that input to craft engagements with power and results. Aviv has a unique and in-depth understanding of the human condition, and his knowledge creates inclusiveness and enrolls the entire organization. His Horizon 1, 2, and 3 framework has become the backbone for how we are thinking about the future. By working with Aviv, we have become a more prepared, more visionary organization.”

Ted Clark, Senior VP & GM, Notebook GBU, PSG, Hewlett Packard

Great job Aviv, exceeded my expectations. We will continue our engagement in the future. Our strategy summit was very beneficial and an important step in taking our leadership team to the next level. The switching between foreground (work topics) & background (personal development topics) helped keep the energy high and the people fresh. Your insights were extremely valuable and meaningful.

Matt Disbrow, Director of Planning Strategy and Transformation – HP

“Aviv engaged with our executive procurement leadership team to help us refine our vision and long term strategy. In the process of the 2 day workshop, we identified, quantified and prioritized a series of urgent and strategic needs which in turn led to the development of eight initiatives that we deployed and used to manage our progress on: planning, communication, quality, contracting, culture and talent management. Aviv’s ability to focus the team, ask probing and insightful questions, and challenge us when we appeared to be at a “dead end” were instrumental in our ability to come up with the plan and move the team forward. We continue to see real results that were catalyzed by the workshop with Aviv, and I expect the return easily exceed 10 – 20x the initial investment.”

Ryan Azus – VP of Corporate Sales – WebEx Communications, Inc.

Aviv’s “emerald keys” workshops are the most impacting of any I have ever taken in my years of sales management and leadership. Yes, you will go home a better worker – but most importantly – you will be a better husband/wife, father/mother and a better person after just a few days with Aviv!

Juergen Reiners, Vice President & GM GBS, Hewlett-Packard
“Our summit offered an exploratory journey combined with working out real strategic business needs. It was extraordinarily useful! Incredible what we were able to achieve in just a few days in terms of ideas, alignment and agreement around a strategy, team bonding and more… We’ve created a time warp!”
John Cincotta – Director of Sales and Marketing, Emeritus Assisted Living

“The leadership retreat and coaching sessions with you have been central to our breakthrough results in 2004 – 30 million dollar new growth for the year. Organizational excellence is all about the small changes that bring big results! We learned to step back, to listen and to reflect and most importantly to stay focused on people’s strength. The power of this leadership development program is in the mindset and the culture we cultivate. By focusing on our core values and on our people we reached our yearly objectives five months earlier than expected. We continue to discover the power of values-based leadership – it gets results! We are now ready to take this momentum of success to the next level in 05.”

Les Berkes – Director, Center for Leadership Excellence, Hewlett-Packard

“Aviv is the most remarkable consultant / coach I’ve encountered in my business career. In addition to his expertise in team and leadership development, Aviv brings a deep wisdom to his clients. He enables senior leaders the luxury of reflection and influences, inspires, and challenges us to the exercise of level five plus leadership. I know I am a better leader because of Aviv’s impact.”

David Berman – President Sales and Services, WebEx

“Aviv is trusted Advisor, Coach and Mentor. His leadership, strategy and team building seminars are outstanding and I highly recommend him.”

Matthew Wagner – Director Strategy & Planning, Hewlett Packard

“As the strategy lead for the HP worldwide notebook business, I have had the good fortune of collaborating with Aviv on a series of senior leadership strategic planning events going back to 2007. Aviv brings a unique blend of personal coaching style and strategic thinking that has helped bring greater depth to outcomes of these important planning events. He is an intuitive facilitator, navigating complex group dynamics in ways that has helped our leadership team achieve a higher standard of rigor to our discussion of critical issues and opportunities. I would strongly recommend Aviv for a variety of leadership development engagements, from one-on-one coaching to building collaborative teams to strategic planning.”

Stu Schmidt – VP, Professional Services WebEx Communications, Inc.

“This experience was deeply impactful for me. Our team grew in strength, trust and relationships. My expectation is that significant changes in my life will be evident; both immediately and in the long term.”

Konstantin Mudrack – Eagle Program Manager, Global Business Services

“We engaged Aviv to help our global service organization pro-actively address a transformational change from a transaction operator to a trusted business partner. Our plan to enable significant cost savings and process improvements for our customers made it necessary to change the behavior of > 15,000 people from transaction-minded to ownership- and improvement minded. Aviv helped us sculpt our journey, in particular his focus on the method of change. He helped us develop a broad culture change initiative, which, to date resulted in exceeding our business goals.”

Chris Church – Director, Hewlett Packard

“Aviv has a diverse set of skills he harnesses to create value in the organizations he engages. In my case, Aviv facilitated an executive management workshop focused on strategic planning. His methods help to focus conversations while at the same time including all of the voices in the room. Aviv is much more than a facilitator. He understands business, can come up to speed quickly on the challenges you are facing, and help your team come together aiming at a common set of goals using his understanding and experience. Our team had a great experience with Aviv.”

Mark Sanchez – GM & VP, Hewlett Packard

“Very Powerful. Organizations and companies win because of how they connect and work together. This training will empower us to work closer and to reach greater heights. I recommend this class as part of any organization coaching curriculum.”

Louis MA – Director of Business development & Finance, Southco

“This is a life changing experience. I learned the power of self discovery that can definitely help my life, my work, my family and beyond. No executive can claim to be complete without the kind of experience I gained by spending time with Aviv.”

Dan Forlenza, VP & GM, Business NB, Hewlett Packard

Aviv, I thought you were exceptional in leading this summit. I have been to many of these and this was by far the best. The pace was perfect. The content was exceptional. I attribute this to your preparation.

Melissa Bargainer, HR NB GBU Hewlett Packard

The unique combination of brainstorming on strategic long term issues, team development and personal growth made our Leadership Summit very impactful. Getting the ideas out of people’s heads and capturing them was great!

Stacy Wolff – Director, Notebooks Product Design Hewlett-Packard

“This week was a great growth opportunity for our business. The interaction with my peers was outstanding. It provided me with greater insight on each person in our team. The exchange this week helped us identified growth opportunities and I believe set us on a course for a great future success as a group and a business…”

Salvador Romo – Director SCO, Latin America, Hewlett Packard

“A great set of tools and practices packaged in an outstanding experience to help uncover ours and others potentials. Great experience and good learning to apply into my life. We had fun, we connected as a team and we are applying our new knowledge to get into higher goals that we could not dream about some months ago.”

Doug Erickson – Sr. Manager Strategic Alliances, WebEx Communications

“The Emerald Keys training allowed me to reconnect with my life’s purpose, and to see how a strong sense of Self and Purpose makes me more successful in every facet of work, family, community, health, and all of life. I have new appreciation for my co-workers, the hardships they have overcome, and their wonderful achievements. I am energized.”

Dick Grote – VP of R&D, Consumer Desktop, Hewlett Packard

“I enjoyed working with you on our project. I am impressed in your ability to get people to open up and work together in a collaborative manner. … our team was able to operate together at a new level during the time that we spend with you… You seem to have multiple techniques and the good sense to know when to apply what to bring people together in a collaborative manner. …people here feel that our offsite was valuable and would like to find ways to extend it and institutionalize it. Thanks so much for your time and energy.”

Brian Hoppes – Vice President Finance, The JC Robinson Seed Co.

Aviv, thanks you for your insightful, inspiring and thoughtful style that you articulated so clearly.

Catherine O’Donnell – Director of Distribution Hewlett-Packard Canada

“The Blue Belt experience and journey was undoubtedly the best leadership training I have ever participated in. a great mix of practical techniques provided to engage and grow my team towards results along with a quiet reflective and non-threatening environment. Aviv, you are an incredible leader and wise teacher. I have really enjoyed your insights and knowledge of reaching deeper and remaining true to your values.”

Rich Anstett – Sales Manager, WebEx Communications, Inc.

“Inspirational! I only wish my family and coworkers could experience it as well. For the first time in 15+ trainings I found the book useful. I will return to it and read it” “…Thanks Aviv, the 3rd time with emerald keys was a charm for me and thank you for putting so much thought into these sessions for my team.”

Bob Chambers – Manager, Volume Direct Hewlett-Packard Canada

“I was initially very skeptical that I would get any value from this week. I’m pleased to state that I was 100% wrong. I would absolutely recommend this course. Aviv, thank you for your tremendous sharing. The thought you put into your teaching and responses is most valuable and appreciated.”

Steve Dawkins – Executive Vice President Mayflower Transit

“Aviv, your background as a fighter pilot, and instructor in the Israeli Air Force is incredibly impressive. You have chosen to pursue the passion of your life, when you clearly have the ability, skill, intelligence and competitive nature to succeed in any number of pursuits. You are unabashed in your candid and positive comments, encouraging, coaching, guiding, directing and especially appreciating qualities in the participants. Thank you for being willing to bare your soul, to be so transparent and so genuine. Don’t let guys “like me” rush you or deter you from your course. If they don’t “get it”, they just aren’t ready yet. If they never get it, then theirs is the loss. May God bless you.”

Karen Nagy – Global Series Manager, Hewlett-Packard Canada
“I have attended many many courses over the years and there has never been one so powerful as this one. This allowed us to explore more of who we are personally, what we value and how we tie personal and professional life together. Aviv is an amazing teacher, with great wisdom and insight. I truly believe that I can and will take many learnings from this experience and put them into action.”

Abe Smith – Director, Asia Pacific/Japan & Latin America WebEx Communications

“The one week program with Amber Coaching ranked as the single most meaningful learning experience of my 15 plus year professional career. Aviv Shahar’s inspired coaching and rich customized facilitation caused me to look deeply within and has served as the catalyst to, what I believe, will be a life long commitment to enriching myself both inside and outside of work.”

Michael McAvoy, Manager, PSG Commercial Marketing, HP Canada
“It was an extremely powerful and insightful experience. Not one minute went by where my mind wasn’t challenged. I whole heartedly recommend this mind challenging opportunity.”
Jay Khaira – Manager, Hewlett-Packard Canada

“Aviv is a wonderful teacher, coach, and facilitator. Since Blue Belt 1 I have thought everyday about my purpose and how I can better apply it at work. It has had a tangible effect on who I am at work and the results I have been able to achieve. I think it would be a great benefit if everyone at HP ultimately takes this course. Blue Belt 2 has been an exciting and gratifying experience. I’ve learnt how to better communicate which I will certainly apply. The value of the planning exercises cannot be over stated. It has been nothing less than life-altering.”

Gerardo Garcia – Supply Chain Director Latin America, Hewlett Packard

“I truly enjoyed the experience which engaged our curiosity and eagerness to learn with a sense of peace and trust – I am left energized for action on what matters most to me as a person, a leader and a manager. The Silver Belt course is a great development experience with practical tools to increase our personal and collective effectiveness.”

Dr. Stephen Axelrod MD – CEO SeniorMed

“Aviv Shahar of Amber Network facilitated our strategic planning. He coached us through a stimulating and creative process to help us think anew about our business, about where we are going and about where we want to go. Aviv also facilitated a retreat with our board of directors in which we reviewed a series of future scenarios in the context of which we examined our growth opportunities. We have had great tangible results that are now becoming a priority. Aviv was a catalyst for new ideas with which to present and assert the value we bring to our clients. The revelations we have had along the way brought fresh energy and vision leading to successful developments we are now turning into reality.”

Marcela Mireles – Business Planning Manager, Latin America, Hewlett Packard

“Our team enjoyed the Silver Belt development meetings with you. We have seen great results and practical benefits: 1. We enjoy an open and trustful environment – this is powerful. 2. We coach and challenge each other and it gets results. 3. We discovered a process to accelerate decision making. 4. During the Template for Greatness module we generated breakthrough ideas and innovative concepts. We learned how to get into this creative mode. 5. We take time for reflection on how we do our work. We use Appreciative Inquiry to power the positive development in the organization. 6. We have seen dramatic improvement in the Voice of the Workforce throughout our organization. And we have more fun at work. The Silver Belt has truly been an exceptional opportunity for us individually as leaders and collectively as a team. Thank you.”

Sherri Razo – Vice President, Equilon Enterprises

“Aviv brings tremendous energy and creativity to his training programs. His coaching was most beneficial and highly insightful…..it facilitated learning on a personal, as well as a professional, level. I came home with tools that I could use immediately.”

Heather Kent – Partner Development & Programs Manager HP Canada
“The tools I have learned will definitely make me a more effective manager, but more importantly, a better person. I will strive to live my values and will implement many strategies I’ve learned this week! Thank you for opening my mind to the possibilities.”
Barbara Skinner – Global IT Project Manager, Xerox

“Aviv is much more than a seminar leader; he is an inspiration and a role model. Although the content of the seminar was critical, the outstanding value was the process. The seminar more than met my expectations. It became a touchstone on my Journey through life and career.”

Salah Ahmed, Ph.D – Senior Vice President R&D Barr Laboratories

“Aviv is a devoted teacher, philosopher, facilitator and helper. He used a unique technique to stimulate my inner sense of Value and productivity”

Susan Scherr – Vice President Emeritus, Assisted Living Corp.

The enhanced leadership seminar and further personal coaching with Aviv has been life changing for me. The value based and opportunity focused approach that Aviv brings gave me an entirely new perspective. I have gained new knowledge about myself and with it clarity about my life and what is important for me. I was able to update my thinking processes and beliefs and find new sense of inner peace which greatly empowers my leadership abilities. The immediate sense of safety and security in working with Aviv has been critical for my success. Aviv is a gifted coach.”

Morris Porter – Vice President of Sales, WebEx Communications, Inc.

“The Emerald Keys session was very valuable and immediately relevant to me as a leader. I really enjoyed the self discovery and learning about others in our group. Aviv did a wonderful job of walking the fine line of facilitating and assisting people through the program. A lot of areas were covered that will leave a lasting impact on my career, family and on me as a person.”

Tom Anderson – VP World Wide Marketing, Hewlett Packard

“Thank you for your energy and the wonderful retreat. It exceeded my very high expectation in every aspect. I can’t wait to do another one.”

Peg Nicholls – Global Account Manager, WebEx Communications

“The Emerald Keys class, more than any other I have participated in, made a lasting and meaningful impression on my personal and professional life. I was fully engaged in the learning process – it employed simple and effective techniques that help manage and prioritize the many pulls on my time. As a result, I feel refreshed and energized and have realized productivity gains everyday since. Simply put, I am empowered by the Emerald Keys to achieve success through a real focus on value-centered actions. This is more than time management; this is a personal breakthrough in mastering productivity!”

Alice Latino – Divisional Director Emeritus, Assisted Living

Through personal growth training with Aviv, I feel as though I have awakened from a slumber to a beautiful world of possibilities and opportunities. They were always there, of course – but now I have the ability to see them, feel them… to be empowered and make powerful choices because I know they exist. I have learned to say no to more, to say yes to the time I need to create more “amperage” to impact my world

Dr. Angelika Grossman – Senior Fellow, Zymogenetics

“Aviv is a great, highly energetic teacher. He helps you identify what is essential. He inspired and energized our group and assisted us in thinking outside the box and question what we think we already know. Our meetings enabled us to discover a bridge from a limited scientific view to whole integrated connectiveness. His coaching was effective and powerful.”

Christina Ewing – Director Strategy & Integration, CSC Federal

“This course is a challenge. Yet, the value you will receive is immeasurable and it will exceed all expectations you might have. It is wonderful to come across an individual such as Aviv Shahar. He is rich in what he brings and shares. He has so much to offer, he’s a blessing.”

Jaime López P. – Manager, Latin America, Hewlett Packard

“The Blue Belt experience made me reflect profoundly on my holistic development, in an ideal environment and world class guidance. It provided new tools but most importantly enabled me to concretize how to live my values in a more comprehensive way.”

Steven Levy – President and CEO, Macgregor

“Aviv is a very good guide on the journey to understand your values both at work and in your life as a whole.”

Alyce Herrera – Administrator, Berkeley National Labs

“I never imagined in my wildest dreams the impact the seminar has and will continue to make in my professional and personal life. This type of course is what our institutional organizations are ready for and hopefully reaching out for.”

Ray Aldrich – Communication Manager, Hewlett Packard

“You have lead us on an unforgettable journey to examining ourselves and what we are capable. Additionally, you brought us together as a team through a mix of lessons and activities that let us experiment, look outside ourselves, and find new values, core competencies we have not known and find new frameworks for thinking. Finally, and perhaps most important, you lead us with great care, nurturing us while maintaining respect for us as individuals. Thank you for a wonderful retreat. I hope to implement the things I leaned throughout my career and personal life.”

Tony Meyers – Supervisor Civil Engineer, City of Overland Park

This was the most unusual seminar I’ve ever attended; it was also the most beneficial. The lessons learned will help me be a better manager and a better person.”

Bonnie di adamo – Manager, Hewlett-Packard Canada

“This has been a life transforming experience. It has taught me to focus on actively living according to my purpose and values, and I will carry and share that message through my personal and work-related experiences. It is very inspiring to know that the organization I use to make a living is so committed to ensuring that I make a life.”

Peggy Holden – Packaging technology Director, Kellogg

“Aviv has the talent to connect with each person as an individual, to help them discover the beauty and talents that lie within.”

Tina Walker – Strategy Manager, Hewlett-Packard Canada

“I am truly grateful to my company HP for investing in me when I couldn’t make the time to invest in myself. These past few days have renewed my energy and sharpened my focus. I have connected with my colleagues in a very personal way, but most importantly, I have re-connected with myself.”

Rick Peterson – Senior Manager, Veritas Software

“Aviv is just the right person to facilitate a course on management with values. The atmosphere Aviv creates allows the participants to really become part of the learning experience.”

Joy Hughes Ph.D. – Vice president and CIO George Mason University

“Aviv is an outstanding leader and coach; he provides perceptive feedback. Aviv commits himself fully to ensure the learning and growth of each participant.”

Bernd Bergmann – Director of Engineering Services, SAP

“Aviv is a great trainer and an especially excellent observer. Aviv gives great feedback. His insight into people’s strengths, together with his committed coaching towards their success, made the seminar an empowering experience.”

Anthony LaCreta – Director, Office of Credit Union Development

“Aviv, through your assessment of participants and your insight you facilitated my self-development by encouraging me to delve deeper and explore possibilities in this rewarding seminar.”

Amanda McPherson – Sr. Manager, Enterprise Client Services – WebEx

“Bar none these are the best 3 days you will spend for personal and professional growth. Thank you for the memorable and impactful experience.”

Carla Short – Senior Manager, Nextel Communications

“Your style, patience and insight made it possible for me to stay open. Your encouragement and guidance made this course a success for me.”

Jeff Paxhia – Manager, Kellogg Company

“Aviv is an excellent instructor. He presents the material in a way that impacts you personally. Aviv’s insightful and engaging style makes the journey of personal leadership powerful and enjoyable.”

Corrine R. Stoewsand – Director, H.D. The Rockefeller University

“Aviv’s insights into each individual in the group were exceptional and his coaching very effective at helping people understands themselves… You work very hard and are very committed to helping people set and reach their goals.”

Roger Gantenbein – General Manager, SBC Advanced Solutions Inc

“Aviv is an excellent leader and motivator. He leads you into opening your thoughts, sharing your experiences and learning new techniques on how to utilize the skills and ideas that were bottled up inside of you. He gives you the confidence that you are or can be a great leader!”

Muriel Mora – Manager of Direct Operations, Hewlett Packard

“To all skeptics out there – gather your courage and go for the ride, you will come back to a different person.”

Brian Campkin – Business Manager, Hewlett-Packard Canada

“A very unique teaching methodology. The interaction and immediate application of the teachings left me with the guidance and tools I need to begin delivering on this course immediately in all areas of my life. To be able to accomplish that in a 3½ day retreat is a testament to this curriculum.”

Christine Peyton – Manager, Hewlett Packard

“I really appreciated the energy and effort you personally have put into making this a truly memorable experience. I have really enjoyed your way of looking at the world and the strategies you adopted to lead us through these three days.”

Bert Simpson, MD – Owner, Cascade Psychiatric Services

“Aviv Shahar of Amber Network is very effective in coaching people to discover their potential and passion. He facilitated me in gaining understanding of my strength and in exploring new possibilities. He provided inspirational insights and understanding into leadership and personal management.”

Smith, Darryl J – Manager, Hewlett Packard

“Awesome opportunity to explore your inner self and formulate ideas to drive increased effectiveness. Excellent facilitation, Highly recommended! ..I continue to be impressed by the thought, preparation and materials used to support the topics/ideas. Thanks again!”

Jyoti Saxena – Business Planner, Hewlett Packard

“Thank you for creating a safe environment for our team to discuss our problems. This process helped us set things straight and go back to work a stronger team.”

Christine Schmidt – Sales Manager Hewlett-Packard Canada

“I have taken many personal development courses in the past, but this course managed to pull all of my learnings into one neat package. This course has made a significant impact on me and my view of my life that I believe will have a lasting effect. Thanks so much.”

Brian Ono – Product Marketing Manager, Hewlett Packard

“I found this to be a very useful and insightful experience. I recommend it to all successful teams and leaders.”

Renee Brueckner – Information System Manager, AMM

“Aviv creates a very tranquil and comfortable atmosphere for learning. His insights into all of our talents and gifts were amazingly accurate.”

Rhonda Rodriguez – Finance Manager, Hewlett Packard

“This was an incredible experience – I will hold the values and wisdoms that came out of this experience for many months. Aviv, you are truly a teacher – this may sound strange but you remind me of every Rabbi I have known, with an incredible quest for knowledge and a spirituality that inspires to find the good and the best potential in all humans – thank you have lead us on the steps to greatness.”

Wendy Nintman – Executive Director, Five Valleys Land Trust

“Aviv is a very talented leader and has much to offer. He is a perfect fit for this course. Excellent with all participants.”

Giovanni Sena – Product Marketing Manager, Hewlett Packard

“I found this retreat very useful and it gave me a lot of insight that I will be able to use to develop my next steps at work and at home” I found this retreat very useful and it gave me a lot of insight that I will be able to use to develop my next steps at work and at home” I found this retreat very useful and it gave me a lot of insight that I will be able to use to develop my next steps at work and at home”

Alfredo Lopez – Operation Manager, Latin America Hewlett Packard

“It’s amazing how for several decades the world has been separating spiritual/emotional life from physical/mental life, only to realize that it was breaking up the human being. These sessions are about gluing it back together. This journey helps you take your spiritual life to the same level of maturity together with your professional life.”

Moises Sanchez – Manager, Latin America, Hewlett Packard

“A word to describe the experience in the Blue Belt seminar – Powerful! Aimed to increase self knowledge, balance Being and Doing, to find strength, and build over those strength. My sincere thanks to Aviv for facilitating this journey. A pleasure meeting such a person.”

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