Curiosity Is a Muscle That Fuels Innovation with Ann-Marie Archer – Episode 7

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Ann-Marie Archer is the Founder and CEO of Archer & Associates, an Executive Search, Leadership Development, and Coaching Services firm that delivers best-in-class, talented candidates for its clients, and helps individuals and organizations achieve their potential.

After 20 years in corporate America, observing and experiencing the tedious and unpredictable hiring process, and gaps in effective leadership, Ann-Marie chose to launch a firm dedicated to potent leadership development, and an authentic and holistic, right fit philosophy.

In this conversation, you will learn why questions are an important part of the discovery process, in both business and with people, why curiosity plays a critical role in candidates going through a company hiring process, and how we as people and leaders can quickly adapt to our rapidly changing world.

Essential Learning Points From This Episode

  • How both Ann-Marie and Aviv use conversations as a discovery tool to understanding the strength and weaknesses of others.
  • Why curiosity is critical, and whether it’s a natural talent or a developed skill.
  • What is the ‘not knowing’ zone, and why we need to learn to embrace it.
  • What are the skills Ann-Marie observes with leaders that successfully navigate this rapidly changing world.
  • What are simple questions that get big and meaningful answers.
  • How good questions look towards the future and then lead back into the present.
  • A CV can never show you how someone thinks or shows up when under pressure, but smart questions can bring you important data on how someone will react.
I have made it my life to follow and watch highly curious people. Click To Tweet Curiosity is what fuels innovation. Click To Tweet Find the sense of courage and fearlessness in uncovering what’s going to serve the conversation. Click To Tweet The key for a leader now is knowing the right question. Click To Tweet The future pulls us out of the past, and pulls toward the dream, and what’s possible. Click To Tweet The practical walk and the inner walk go hand in hand. Click To Tweet If we don't start to listen, it eventually gets very quiet. Click To Tweet

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