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Greatness is Not a Destination

What you do along your professional journey prepares you for what you are here to serve.

In the case of Gandhi, for instance, his early study of the British law helped him negotiate for India’s independence.

For John Paul II, it was his stage acting as a young man during the war that prepared him for the role of his life as the first Pope in the TV age.

Steve Jobs described his early study of calligraphy as the catalyst to the idea of merging design and beauty into computers.

The point is that much of your work is about building capabilities and seeding possibilities. Your journey is about opening future options.

Where do you find greatness?

Greatness is the charisma that accompanies the journey to discover how you are meant to gift this world.


© Aviv Shahar

Your long-term vision must guide your near-term priorities

You must work on the near term with a long term focus in mind.

© Aviv Shahar

The Leadership Crossroads

To understand the choices you face and what propels your movement, reflect on two questions: What are you trying to move away from? And, what are you hoping to move towards?

© Aviv Shahar

Market Trends and Your Strategy

To lead strategic innovation and shape the future, you need to study trends to develop foresight.

© Aviv Shahar

Perspective Is Everything

Breakdown or breakthrough? When it comes to leading your life, perspective is everything.

Evolution Can Inspire Innovation

You need to apply these evolutionary principles as you lead your innovation teams and build your innovation portfolio.

Take Off Velocity is Everything

This insight obviously goes back to my Air Force experience: Your runway is your takeoff window. You must develop enough velocity for takeoff before you run out of runway.

© Aviv Shahar

Smart Goals & Wise Aims

An “aim” is a direction you pursue. A “goal” is an accomplishable measure; it has a “how much” and a “by when” definitional value.

© Aviv Shahar

Liberating the innovative power of your teams

Most organizations use only a small portion of their capacity to innovate. To produce breakthrough results you need much more than prolific brainstorming.

© Aviv Shahar

What is Transformational Leadership

The success that got you to where you are today is not sufficient to get you where you want to go. The muscle that created the present is not adequate to building a different and new tomorrow.

© Aviv Shahar

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