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How To Travel Jet Lag Free – The “SLOW” and the “FAST” Systems

To apply my “Jet lag free travel” strategy, understand that we humans have two energy systems. One system is slow in nature. The other is fast.  The fast system handles new impressions, quick and unpredictable twists and turns and the instant responses you are required to produce. In your house you have the patterns of your life, which include how you get up in the...

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How To Travel Jet Lag Free And The Power Of Conditioning

Traveling can be tough, especially when your energy state and clarity of mind are vital keys to the success of your intended engagement. I just got back from Taipei, Taiwan. Several people had warned me about the jet lag I would face on the return journey. Well, I was tired for a day but had no jetlag at all. The 16 hour door to door...

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