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Your Copy of My Book Create New Futures

My long-awaited book Create New Futures is available now on Amazon. In it, I am very excited to share a variety of the pragmatic tools, frameworks, mindsets, and techniques that I use with my most successful clients. My intention is to enable you to apply this information immediately and create your new future. Read more here.

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The Authenticity Value Leap

Authenticity connotes trustworthiness and reliability because it is based on the evidence that the person is what she claims to be. However, few leaders recognize that authenticity has two applications. If you fail to grasp and act on this fact you limit your growth and fail to reach your full potential. You also impede your organization.

Read more about The Authenticity Leap here.

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How to Overcome the Greatest Workplace Deficit?

This key identifies the greatest workplace deficit, explains why leaders must address it, and suggests some actions you can take to ensure that you overcome it.

At the end of a two-day strategy workshop with a client’s leadership team, I posed this question to the executives: “What is the greatest deficit in the workplace?”

After many good guesses, I revealed the answer. Read here more about this game changing insight.


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The 3 Imperatives for Business Success: Resources and Capabilities

How do you address these three imperatives – the challenge of today, the challenge of tomorrow, and the capabilities and resources you need to meet both?

You easily can get blindsided and fall into one of the “traps” that derail you or delay your progress. Managing all three imperatives simultaneously is the leadership imperative!

Here are a few key points about the third imperative: organizational resources and capabilities.

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How to Overcome the Shortfall Syndrome Trap

The art of living is in realizing your purpose and leveraging the opportunities presented to you. To be fully alive is to recognize and work toward manifesting the complete renaissance person you are capable of being. Yet too many people surrender or refuse to embrace the ability to live as fully as possible by succumbing to the trap of the shortfall syndrome. This insidious condition consumes your mental, and psychological energy. It prevents you from becoming the full person you are meant to be.

This key helps you recognize the danger of the shortfall syndrome, look it straight in the eye for what it is and take action to defy falling into its trap.

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The 3 Imperatives for Business Success: The Future

In this key we will reflect on the second of these three imperatives for success and identify questions you must address about the future to build your business and leverage your opportunities.

Imperative of the future

  • What is it?
    In this aspect of your business, you first identify the desired picture of the future, including the new outcomes that it makes possible. You then work backwards so you can actualize the future as it arrives. The key is relevance. You must ensure that everything you do now is connected directly and builds your envisioned future.

Read more here.


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The first 20 minutes: Succeed or Fail

In most of our strategy and innovation workshops with executive teams, I begin by asking participants to reflect and capture learning from recent successes and challenges. To facilitate the entry into the learning zone, I ask them to be forensic about their learning. By that I mean being specific, concrete, and penetratingly substantive.

Read more here.

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The 3 Imperatives for Business Success: The Present

Successful leaders are adept at addressing both tactical and strategic aspects of their business. More specifically, I challenge my clients to define clearly their imperatives.

To create and sustain forward momentum, leaders must work concurrently on three aspects of their business: its present, its future, and its resources and capabilities. These are the three imperatives for business success.

In this key we will reflect on the first of these three imperatives for success and identify questions you must address about the present to build your business and leverage your opportunities. We will address the remaining two imperatives in future keys.

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What Jim the Beachcomber Can Teach You

Successful leaders have a talent for discerning the lessons presented in everyday life. They take the time to look around them, notice what is happening, then ask themselves what they can learn from those observations.

In this key we will reflect on how a lesson learned at the beach can have a profound impact on your business as well as in your personal life.

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How to Accelerate Personal Growth and Organizational Transformation

Typically, corporate executives call me when they have goals that include making a major impact on their business success by effecting transformational change in their organization.

In today’s competitive environment, a senior leader’s job is to ensure that his/her teams have the capacity to address challenges proactively, and to take advantage of opportunities posed by a world in which disruptive technologies, new business models, economic pressures, and shifting customer demand are the norm.

How must your organization transform in the next 18 months to meet your opportunities?

In this key you will learn how you can help accelerate change by internalizing and applying the four stages of learning and transformation.

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