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The Most Powerful Prayer

The most powerful prayer in the world is the action of what you hope to cause.
Your action becomes the conduit of realization to the object of your prayer.

Find here more about when to pray.

© Aviv Shahar

Transform Struggle Into Endeavor

This is a comment I posted on Deepak Chopra’s reply to a question about how to recreate a new belief about struggle.

Transform struggle into endeavor.
The narrative of endeavor is different from the struggle story.
Struggle means moving away from absence.
Endeavor means moving towards the realization of presence.

True joy is the fulfillment of a need.
Peace can be found in the endeavor of purpose,
where pity gives way to compassion and fear gives way to forbearance.
Hardship is not the nature of a spiritual quest, but it is hard for the spirit to inhabit the flesh.
Perseverance and the courage of defiance—to find and realize what you are here to be and do—will produce the creative tension of your endeavor.

Never feel sorry for yourself.
It is a waste of a precious fuel.
Resolve to make the best of your situation.
Trust that you are never alone.
Even in the loneliest hours.

Grace is always nearby,
even in what appears to be your darkest hour.
These are times when your soul is fashioned into new readiness.

Brace yourself to find all that is good,
in you and in others.
And yes, be that very thing you are meant to be.
This is a generous universe,
Your hope is its actuality,
And its hope is you, having risen to be what you are meant to be.

© Aviv Shahar


Freedom is in not wanting to live any other person’s life. It is in living your own life at full, here and now and not anyone else’s.

© Aviv Shahar

A Memorable Life

An A to Z reflections and strategies for living a memorable life:

A.  You are here to transform the world. To bring light to darkness.
B.  To be memorable you must live a memorable life.
C.  To create a memorable life, you have to apply wisely your most precious assets – your time, your energy, your focus and your talent.
D.  Make your purpose your growth trust-fund. Make daily and weekly deposits.
E.  Invest your Energy, Time and Focus (ETF) in your purpose trust-fund. You will be amazed at the ROI multiples.
F.  You transform the world by transforming you. By investing and growing your precious assets. By realizing the potential of this moment. By being at full in it.
G.  Create a legacy, invest time, energy and focus in the growth and development of others.
H.  Investing in others will bring the greatest rewards. It will also bring pain and grief. Yes, agony and ecstasy live side by side.
I.  Why would you put your energy, time and focus (ETF) into anything unless you intend for it to be transformed for the better – unless you wish it to be the best it can be?
J.  An action a day keeps debris away. Frustration is a symptom of unrealized energy or incomplete action. One action every day. A step forward every day. Such is the pace of great success.
K.  You grow at the edge of your envelope. At the point of meeting the unknown. Where you expand beyond to meet your unknown.
L.  If you are to transform, you cannot stop at the half point, at “trans”. You have to complete the journey to find the “form”. To trans-form.
M.  You cannot stop time. Time moves on its own accord. You can be present in it or not.
N.  Time in absentia is not yours. Your time is time you salvage from absentia by bringing focus and energy into it. By creating light in darkness.
O.  To be memorable you must first be present. The greatest gift you give another is “presencing” your time in theirs. It’s being present.
P.  Energy comes and goes; wanes and resurges. Your point of greatest impact is to master your energy triggers and cycles and apply this self-insight in your work to realize your goals and purpose.
Q.  Peak performance, peak focus and peak presence happens when you bring your multiple energies to a point of efficacy – when your action becomes the synchro-point of your physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual capacities and energies.
R.  When you feel guided, helped and supported, your call is answered. An extra something else is being added to you. Unseen. Spiritual.
S.  Curiosity, the love of adventure and learning keeps you fresh in the valleys, and in between the peak points.
T.  Wake up to discover the new music that wants to be played today. Find the problem you carry the solution for. Discover the mystery you are here to resolve.
U.  Make your conversations memorable. Elevate. Expand. Transform. Make new things possible.
V.  You are here once. You, in this form, at this time is a once in a galaxy collective experience event. Make it worthwhile for the galaxy. Make it worthwhile for you.
W.  Listen. Listen inside. Listen outside. Make connections. You are here to make meaning. To magnify meaning. To magnify meaningful connections.
X.  Live to love. Love to evolve. Evolve to be all that you can be.
Y.  You are not alone. Your Maker left you free to be what you choose to be.
Z.  It / He / She are nearby to watch and see.




© Aviv Shahar

The Co-Creational Act – Releasing Hidden Light

A Solstice Post – an excerpt from the writing: God, The Universe Embryo.

When I look up at the night sky and see the bright stars engulfed by darkness it brings to mind the majestic human story down here on Earth.  This is a powerful contemplation that takes me from the here-and-now inside light itself… to then travel all the way back into the core of our humanness and the evolution that presses its way upon us now.

There is light and there is ‘hidden light’, which our scientists call dark matter or dark energy. Recent observations conclude that 95 to 96 percent of the universe – all the space in between the stars – is dark energy. Like the stars, so too the human is engulfed by darkness, the void that contains all that has not been lit yet. Our work is to claim the void, to fill it with presence and release its hidden purpose and light. This is how we participate in the co-creative act, inside ourselves and with all that surrounds us.

When you meet a stranger, the space between you is a void. Then you begin a conversation. You exchange references and views. You find areas of shared interest and commonality. You create streaks of light in the void between you. Then a new thought appears; an innovative idea shows up, and you get energized. Your conversation transports both of you to a different place and time.  You find yourselves on the edge of discovery, creating a new world of possibilities. Inside that space, inside such a conversation, hidden light gets released from its concealment as you become participant in the co-creational act.

(God, The Universe Embryo – Originally written on October 1998)

© Aviv Shahar

How Do You Use Belief?

Here are some of the ways belief continues to evolve through the ages:

Ancient world: “I believe what I do not understand. I believe what frightens me.”
Post ancient world: “I believe my belief will save me from what frightens me.”
Modern world: “I believe only in what I see and touch.”
Post modern world: “I believe in nothing.”
New Age: “I believe in what I manifest. My beliefs create my future”

What’s post New Age? What’s beyond these ways of using belief?

I believe humanity is at a new threshold of convergence, beyond the integration of East and West. I believe pragmatism and idealism are not mutually exclusive – they are integral principles of enlightened behavior and response.

What do you believe in?

I believe in the creative process of life.
I believe in the developmental opportunities life affords us.
I believe life is purposeful.
I believe we can serve a greater good.
I believe the future is redemptive, and that tomorrow always brings a fresh start.
I believe in being thorough in your work and throughout in your development.
I believe in decency and fairness.
I believe that together we can do greater things than we can imagine.
I believe in the human spirit and its regenerative power.
I believe tomorrow will bring new learning and insight.
I believe you are never alone.
I believe that being present here and now is what matters.
And I believe in you.
That you can believe in you.

© Aviv Shahar

God’s Little Peace In Mississauga

Even God needs a little peace in a bustling city.

We are staying again in Mississauga, Toronto, teaching the Blue Belt Top Talent program. Toronto has been a work destination for years. I love coming here. I love Canada.  There is much the Canadians can teach us south of the border. When you tell Canadians they are a very nice nation they tend to not see it as a complement. But nice doesn’t mean they aren’t assertive, strong, powerful, unstoppable or even aggressive. Just watch them play hockey. It is the temperament of the nation, “Peace, Order and (continual search for) Good Government.” The spirit of live and let live. Ease of collaboration. Readiness to make the other look good and even better. Healthy laughter. Wit. Dedication to family. Appreciation of beauty and simplicity. You cannot help but notice these values. It feels a little saner, and with a balance that we sometimes struggle to find south of the border.

Mississauga, where many multi-national corporations have their offices, looks like many other extensions of major cities but there is also something else. There are small special places; little corners of care, where someone went out of their way to create a little peace for the city dwellers and its visitors.

A couple of weeks ago, back home in Seattle, we hiked to Spray Falls where you can see a majestic view of Mount Rainier. It’s nature’s supreme presence, away from civilization. A week later in Mississauga, we walked a short trail in Mullet Creek Park, a place almost too small and insignificant to have a name. This place brings forward an insight. Sometimes, we can feel more of God’s presence in the little known, inglorious places than there is in the grandest of places. God loves what’s not loved. Its presence shows up where it’s least expected. There is a special beauty in finding grace where you do not expect it. Here, in the city, God is hard at work, cleaning it up, replenishing and helping people to get up and go on. God needs a little peace too. Someone‘s dedication and care made this a little place of peace.

One more thought. It can be like this for you too. Do you only care about the big, visible things, or do you put a special care in the small, unseen corners? Do you attend to your work and development only in visible matters, or do you attend to your growth and endeavors when no one sees and knows?

Try to tend to the small things. Put a special care into the not so glorious. Grace the small efforts and steps with your full presence. Find beauty hidden in the mundane. Offer something else a little space of peace in your life. It is then that you will be magnified with something greater. God’s little peace.

© Aviv Shahar

Are You Looking For A Spiritual Experience?

You get up, go to work, you manage your way forward, you lead and you follow. You persuade and agree, and overcome challenges, you create solutions, and you hope for a good day. This is it. Stop looking for a spiritual experience. This is what you came here for. You are here to discover what you need to learn. You are here to influence, be influenced, change and be changed. This is it. You are in the experience of life. You are more than a human being looking for a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Your work, your journey as a parent, as a partner, as a leader is the human experience you offer to your spirit.  Being a human is the gift of entering the realm of change, wherein you can grow and develop. That’s what you came here for. To learn patience. To learn how to listen. To learn to cope with pain, recover from setbacks. To develop the capacity to appreciate, feel and perceive new things. To make the higher choices. To forgive. You are here to create art and beauty. To learn and teach understanding. You are here to generate innovative solutions. To help make the impossible possible. You are here to help the human enterprise move forward. And to help you move forward. You are a spirit in a human body for this purpose.

You are here to find your gifts. You are here to express your gifts in a way only you can in this earthly realm of choice. To gain the experience of expressing your gifts and the powers endowed to you and to discover what that will crystallize in you. You are here to love and to learn to be loved. This is it. It is your spirit being granted a human experience.

© Aviv Shahar

The Greater Love

Why is language so confused (and confusing) when it comes to love? Why are so many people confused about love?

Falling in love has little to do with love and yet love is the word that is used. Infatuation and attraction are some of the words that describe what people experience when they say “I fell in love”. When attraction and infatuation fade they say, “We just fell out of love.” It’s not surprising that so many young people are confused about love.

‘Falling in love’ infers that we stumble into love without effort, without thought and most importantly, without the mindset that relationships require work and a steady influx of renewal and recommitment.  We can love our new car, a different house or the latest TV program, but these ideas convey little or no connection to human capacity for love.

“I do what I love and it energizes me” is one aspect of love and then there is a greater love. This love is not about what you do when you feel like doing it. This greater love is about what you do even when you don’t feel like doing it.

You don’t feel like getting up at night out of a deep sleep, but as soon as you hear a crying child or baby, you are up. Great love is about what you do in spite of what you may feel like doing at that moment. There are short, fleeting feelings and then there are durable deeper feelings. Personal growth is about learning to discern and differentiate one from the other.

The greater love is found not in the transitory, fleeting feelings but in the actions of determination born of devotional, durable and renewable feelings. There is love in commitment, love in service, love of making things better, and love of serving others who are in need. There is love of the human possibility, and the love of what you are called to do and be.

Show me a great endeavor and I’ll show you a person who follows the greater love.

© Aviv Shahar

The Greatest Act Of Generosity

Your living presence is the most precious thing you have. Take it away and you take life itself away. All the things you own won’t mean a thing when you are gone.

What then is the greatest act of generosity? It is offering your presence, unreservedly. Giving your mindful presence to another human being is the most precious gift you can give. Offering your full attention and presence is what lifts the conversation from everyday to sacred. Your full presence is the greatest act of generosity.

© Aviv Shahar

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