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Welcome to Aviv’s Blog

In this blog you will find a vast range of reflections and thoughts. I care tremendously about the younger generation and our future, which is why I will address here both high level executives and younger people. My mission is to help leaders discover their purpose and realize greatness.

My hope is to stimulate and inspire your own thinking about your capabilities and potential for greatness and about the bigger questions of life. We are living in times of rapid and unprecedented changes which present us with extraordinary challenges and opportunities. Our world is quickly shape-shifting in all areas, for example:

Technological changes
Economical and demographic shifts
Geopolitical developments
Climate changes
Societal and Psycho-spiritual developments and changes

All these, and more, converge in the development and evolutionary process of humanity that is unfolding now. At the core of this process is the human experience with all its many facets. I hope to encourage you to take an integral approach to the developmental and evolutionary dimensions of your life and journey.

You will find that I use many voices, including the voice of a storyteller, the voice of a consultant and an executive coach, the voice of the market observer and more. They each represent a facet in the bigger picture of the human journey, its hopes and triumphs, struggles and lessons. Please come along with me for a ride, share with me your comments, participate and enjoy the discovery.

Aviv Shahar

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