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What Jim the Beachcomber Can Teach You

Successful leaders have a talent for discerning the lessons presented in everyday life. They take the time to look around them, notice what is happening, then ask themselves what they can learn from those observations.

In this key we will reflect on how a lesson learned at the beach can have a profound impact on your business as well as in your personal life.

© Aviv Shahar

How to Accelerate Personal Growth and Organizational Transformation

Typically, corporate executives call me when they have goals that include making a major impact on their business success by effecting transformational change in their organization.

In today’s competitive environment, a senior leader’s job is to ensure that his/her teams have the capacity to address challenges proactively, and to take advantage of opportunities posed by a world in which disruptive technologies, new business models, economic pressures, and shifting customer demand are the norm.

How must your organization transform in the next 18 months to meet your opportunities?

In this key you will learn how you can help accelerate change by internalizing and applying the four stages of learning and transformation.

© Aviv Shahar

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