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7 Realizations About Your Personal Growth

In Your Three-Story House I suggested that in each of the levels you do a different kind of work:

The ground floor is where you work in the business. On the second floor you work on the business. You work in the business to serve your clients. You work on the business to improve the business operation.

The third floor is where you work on you. You are the most important instrument for your business and for your life. Your confidence, versatility and energy enable you to create movement and to produce results. Here are seven realizations about your personal growth – the work you do on the third floor. This work determines your success on the other two floors.

  1. Reclaim your power. If you are not reclaiming your power, you are not operating from a position of strength and you are letting us all down. You owe yourself and the people that look up to you the full measure of your strength and value.  Read more here.

© Aviv Shahar

The Story You Bring To Life

What is the story you create? How do you engage your people to connect the dots and bring to life a shared story?

As a leader you must cultivate curiosity and empathy in your people to engage their imagination for creating your organization’s future.

In this Key, I share with you what a passionate tour-guide taught me about the qualities of curiosity and empathy.

© Aviv Shahar

Three Resilience Starters

Setbacks and challenges are part of life. We all experience them. The resilience mindset is that you are not defined by setbacks or challenges. You are defined by how you choose to respond and the growth journey you create as a result.

In the decades of helping leaders all around the world realize their vision and develop new futures, I have come to see that resilience is a key differentiator that sets apart highly effective individuals. Read more here.

© Aviv Shahar

Five lessons from Doctor Ocean

I have traveled extensively this winter both internationally and domestically. The first thing I do upon my return home to Florida is to visit Doctor Ocean. I am disciplined about this because Doctor Ocean is the best and most caring, loving, and powerful Doctor. Whatever condition I am in, however tired I may be, Doctor Ocean immediately gets to work on reviving and renewing me. Read more here.

© Aviv Shahar

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