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Takeoff Velocity

In my Learning Big Bang and then in Your Window of Opportunity, I shared with you how I discovered and developed the ‘opportunity window’ insight. Opportunities come through windows. Your window of opportunity, and how you respond to it, define where you get to play and the outcomes you experience.

Today we focus on what is arguably the most prevalent blind spot in strategy deployment, a critical factor that often is the difference between success and failure.

We’ve realized that most opportunities have expiration dates. This fact frames the premise of our focus today on the takeoff velocity. Read more here.

© Aviv Shahar

The “What’s Next” Ladder

You need to listen to what you say to find out what’s going on. New insights often show up in your conversation, if you are paying attention.

In this KEY I will share one such conversation. You will discover a powerful tool to build your mental prowess and develop framing skills with the conversational bungee-jump exercise. Read more here

© Aviv Shahar

The Secret of Relationships

What writes the best stories?

In a word: life.

Life most certainly creates and writes the best conversations and the best stories. In this KEY I bring you a conversation I had with Sara around the dinner table. You will discover the secret to long-lasting and enriching relationships. We’ve been together for 35 years. Read more here

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