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The Key: Opportunities Have Expiration Dates

In Your Window of Opportunity, I shared with you how I stumbled upon the window of opportunity insight.  In this KEY we look at this again because we often don’t recognize that opportunities show up inside a window. And most opportunities have expiration dates. What do we mean when we say that opportunities have expiration dates? Read on to find out.

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Take Off Velocity is Everything

This insight obviously goes back to my Air Force experience: Your runway is your takeoff window. You must develop enough velocity for takeoff before you run out of runway.

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Smart Goals & Wise Aims

An “aim” is a direction you pursue. A “goal” is an accomplishable measure; it has a “how much” and a “by when” definitional value.

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Innovation Culture Makes Innovative People

All leading companies face a stark choice: either try to catch up with change, or lead the change. Leadership is not certain. In fact, more often than not, leadership is fleeting. Kodak, Blackberry and Nokia are three recent examples.

If your organization is not innovating and creating the trend that shapes the environment, you play catch-up and struggle to cope with the side effects of changes created and led by your competitors. If you are not leading the next disruptive innovation, chances are that your organization will be the one left behind.

In this KEY you will find the 20 characteristics of the Innovation Culture. Many of these characteristics can be observed in the strategic innovation of leading companies.

© Aviv Shahar

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