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How do transformational leaders help their people?

Transformational leaders, by definition, help their people transform the energy of fear into a forward movement, by turning an uncertainty into a positive course of action.

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How Should Leaders Prepare for The Future?

The future never happens all at once. It unfolds progressively. Work on successive horizons.

Innovation happens at the seams

Innovation happens at the seams where we transform our view of the work we do.

What’s the secret to thriving in a tough environment?

In good times and in tough times you thrive in one of two ways: you become “mission critical” or you create overwhelming value. Ideally you do both.

The Key: My Learning Big Bang

Occasionally, someone will ask me how I got to do the work I do with executive teams, helping them accelerate learning and innovation and create breakthrough results. In this Key I am going to share with you how it all began — my Learning Big Bang moment.

The point is that any moment, including what may appear as a funny or casual or even insulting comment, can carry a Big Bang potential. If, of course, you are AWAKE and PRESENT in your life.

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