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The KEY: Spring Reboot 2013

How is your 2013 going? Are you coming up short on your hopes? Or exceeding your expectations?

I am writing this on a flight across the pacific. At 38,000 feet I get into the zone. And I am going to treat myself with some reflective thoughts over dinner. At this point in the game, reflecting is a form of celebration and how I choose to approach my birthday.

There is something thrilling about being on the move, traveling and visiting new places. New places open you up to experiences you did not anticipate. New situations help you stay or become versatile and agile. Meeting new people stimulates new conversations and learning. And new opportunities liberate your talents and creativity.

In the last few weeks I’ve worked with different teams in Phoenix, Sunnyvale, Naples, San Ramon, Houston, Jupiter Island, and Shanghai. I work with people who are the best in the world at what they do. We work on creating new futures for their businesses and organizations. It is thrilling work because I get to peer into multiple futures through the executives I work with. And through their breakthroughs I get to experience possibilities I could not imagine on my own.

Think about this idea. You can realize the potential of your accelerating universe. You can participate in not just one but multiple futures through the people and teams you help and lead. I do not mean this in metaphoric terms, but in actuality.

We are indoctrinated by the material world to think we can only be in one place at one time and can therefore experience only one single future. But the greater thrill is experiencing multiple scenarios and bridging multiple futures through the contribution you make to others. I promise, I did not fall off the deep end. You have the ability and the potential to bend time and space by and through the contribution you make to the lives of others.

Read here about joyous living and about my 2013 reboot themes.

© Aviv Shahar

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