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The KEY: The Other Side of Unintended Consequences

What is the other side of unintended consequences?
Here is how Rafael puts it. The Vietnam War was terrible. We lost many lives. But very few people know that many thousands of people are saved each year because of what we learned in Vietnam. Emergency medicine was transformed as a result of the harsh learning laboratory of Vietnam.

What are your positive and surprising unintended consequences? What challenges and setbacks have you grappled with that can help you reinvent how you do things?

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What Makes a Champion

How champions inspire teams to great results…

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Purpose. Mission. Vision

Purpose is your reason for being. Mission is how you act on purpose, how you serve your reason for being. Vision is the future picture of what the world looks like when you realized your mission.

The Leadership Crossroads

Reflect on two questions: What are you trying to move away from? And, what are you hoping to move towards? By answering these questions you define your crossroads and begin to create your future.

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The KEY: Your Three-Story House

To be strategic and innovative you must work and think at three levels. Imagine that on each floor of your metaphoric three-story house you do a different kind of work. Most people confine themselves to the ground floor. Some people climb to the second floor. And then, very rarely, some people make it to the third floor. Read here about what takes place at these three levels.

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