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Setting Priorities – Career Choices Best Practice

Listen to this excerpt from our Setting Priorities Class. This is about prioritizing values – how to make conscious career choices that meet your needs and aspirations.

© Aviv Shahar

Prioritizing Your Priorities Teleconference – Friday July 9th

Join us for our upcoming teleconference. Click here to find out about the teleconference series + a special gift.
If you prefer to join only this class send me an email!

What will we cover on Friday?

  1. Priorities are situational.
  2. When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.
  3. Do not be fooled by what masquerade itself as a priority.
  4. Know what to prioritize and how to do it.
  5. Sample the pilot and the consultant priorities.
  6. Focus on your TOP Priorities.
  7. Understand the criteria by which you prioritize.
  8. Become clear about your career and journey priorities.

Your preparatory work for the class: write your five top personal and five top professional priorities. Come prepared to engage with ideas and strategies designed to help you create breakthroughs in your personal and professional journey.

© Aviv Shahar

The KEY: Four Things A Leader Must Do

You are a leader not because of your title. You are a leader because you help the people you work with. To thrive as a leader you have to do and be four things. You have to be: Informational, Motivational, Inspirational and Transformational.

Read the KEY here.
Listen to the podcast here:

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