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Update Your Value Proposition

“You don’t have to be a Lance Armstrong to get on a bike. You don’t have to be a Michael Phelps to jump in the pool.” I said to Ed earlier today. Ed is 72 years old. He came into the swimming pool as I was finishing my 40 laps. “I have not seen anyone swim like that since the summer tournament…” he said, to which I replied laughing “That’s a huge exaggeration, I would not make any beginners swim team.” Having shared my guiding philosophy above I added, “You don’t have to be a Mozart to compose music.”And so we started talking.

Ed has a nursery business up in New Jersey. It’s a family farm and they have been in business since 1920. His grandfather started the business, then his father ran the business and then Ed took it over. Now Ed’s son and son in law run the business. At this point I am all ears because I am interested in what makes things work. How does a nursery family farm survive and thrive 80 years through four generation. “What’s the secret?” I ask, “It sounds like a true American tale; there must be Hollywood material here, anyone own the rights for your story yet?” Ed laughs and says, “Not yet…”

“In the mid 80’s we started seeing Home Depots popping up all around us. We gathered around the table and looked at the facts. Every Home Depot has a plant nursery. If we didn’t differentiate, we would be out of business in no time. We had to offer our customers something they could not get at Home Depot. We wrote a big TLC on the wall – THINK LIKE CUSTOMERS and decided that would guide us. Our customers continue to come through the door for much more than just plants. Visits to our nursery have become an experience. Customers love coming to us because of the guidance they get and the experience they have when they visit. We designed special rides for the kids around Halloween and made our business a family adventure destination.”

What Ed and his son realized was that they had to change the value proposition. They were no longer in the business of selling plants as a commodity. They provide an outdoor farm experience for city dwellers where the plants are the props and the icing on the cake. The Home Depot chains can’t provide that and Ed’s family business is thriving.

How about what you do? Here is an exercise you can explore. List your key stakeholders, the people you bring value to.
1.    What is the value you provide right now?
2.    What other unmet needs can you identify?
3.    Where can you add more or new value to your offerings?
4.    What opportunities are available for you to reframe your engagement with stakeholders to provide new, differentiated value?
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Will 2010 Be The Most Extraordinary Year of Your Life?

Eight out of ten people give away their most precious assets and sacrifice their lives. How do you live your life?
If you choose to be among the two out of ten who live purposefully, 2010 will be the most extraordinary year. I invite you to join me in an unprecedented opportunity that will enable you to:

  • Focus on your most productive and enjoyable activities…
  • Gain one month a year…
  • Propel your earnings while decreasing your labor intensity…
  • Never again say, “I wish I had the time to do that”…
  • Create fulfilling and caring relationships…
  • Be the most energetic and confident person you can be…
  • Enjoy your life and the wonders and blessings of living your purpose…

Yes, tell me how I can take advantage of this opportunity!

Those individuals who overcome great obstacles to create seemingly impossible results have discovered two powerful secrets. You can discover what these secrets are and receive step-by-step guidance to apply them in your life…

The 2010 Personal Mastery series will focus on seven critical aspects of personal transformation. I will share powerful keys that help exceptional entrepreneurs and leaders produce extraordinary results. These strategies and insights are not available through any other source. You will leave each teleconference energized and ready to apply game-changing insights immediately. Whether you turn 2010 into a remarkable year is a choice only you can make. We offer a special value opportunity if you act now. Find out here how you can take advantage of this rare opportunity.
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The KEY: The Leader-Coach – What Coaching Schools Will Not Teach You

Learning coaching techniques, frameworks and methodologies will make you a better and more versatile leader. As a leader-coach you can bring a wider range of tools to the coaching engagement. But there is an essential capacity and quality you see in truly exceptional coaches that no coaching school will teach you and no institution can give you. Discover this essential quality and unleash your power to apply this capacity with the KEY.

© Aviv Shahar

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