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You Cannot Make This Stuff Up

Junk fees are bad ethics and bad business.

We just refinanced our home. Chase collected $30 on Facsimile fees even though no one is using fax anymore. And then to add insult to injury Chicago Title collected $54.75 for (get this) – EMAIL DOC DELIVERY FEE TO CHICAGO TITLE INSURANCE CO.

“How many emails did they receive for this fee?” I asked the loan officer.

“Should we walk away on principle because this is stealing in broad daylight… or would you call the people at the Title Company and ask them to go directly to the highest officer available and say, it’s unethical and how would they feel if it appeared in the WSJ, do they think it would be good public relations?”  They waived the email fee.

Don’t tell me not to sweat the small stuff. I am not sweating. I’d like business to behave ethically.

© Aviv Shahar

The Three NOs

First there is the NO that brings the YES.

Second there is the NO that protects the YES you found.

Third is the NO that your YES liberates in you.

© Aviv Shahar

Higher Leverage – Your Fourth Progress Measure

What is efficiency? What is effectiveness and  how is it different?

What is the meaning of leverage? How do you build leverage?

© Aviv Shahar

New Problems – Your Third Progress Measure

“The essence of personal development and growth is not in resolving all the contradictions of life. It is in learning to embrace the bigger contradiction in living.”

You must escape the Groundhog Day syndrome and embrace new opportunities.

© Aviv Shahar

Intactness & Freedom – Your Second Progress Measure

What is intactness? What does it mean to be intact?

Why is intactness and freedom your second progress measure?

© Aviv Shahar

Capacity For Reverence

Reflections for Rosh Hashanah:

Have you lost your capacity for reverence?

Remember the feeling you experienced when your child stood on her/his own for the first time and then took their first steps?

Better still, remember how you stood up for the first time? Remember the first time you noticed a butterfly, the tree outside, the rain? Remember how special your secret place was? How meaningful everything around you was? Can you remember the sense of vitality and how each and every day was unique and full of texture? Do you remember how meaningful your first time away from home was for you? The first kiss, the first love, the first time driving on your own, your first solo flight…

Reverence was your daily bread. The world was filled with questions, wonder and great mystery. We now live through times of great uncertainties and a great many questions. My question to you is – have you lost your capacity for reverence? Is the uncertain and the unknown a burden and a stress or can you rediscover the spirit of curiosity, of reverence? Can you embrace living with new excitement in the face of the unknown?

Reverence is the medicinal remedy for a sense of shortfall.

If you tell me you failed, my question will be can you access your capacity for reverence?

If you tell me you are frustrated or you are afraid, my question will be can you get in touch with your capacity for reverence?

What else can survive cruelty, defuse hatred, alleviate pain and redeem stupidity? It’s your capacity for reverence.

© Aviv Shahar

Speed Of Recovery – Your First Progress Measure

What is your speed of recovery?

Why is recover-ability your first progress measure?

© Aviv Shahar

Are You Progressing?

Our recent class – Your High Value Assets looked at the question of generating optimal return for Your precious TERF currencies: your Time, Energy, Relationships and Focus. Here is an excerpt on the question: How do you know you are progressing?

© Aviv Shahar

The KEY: Discover Your Peak Productivity Zone

This KEY may shock you. It carries both good and bad news. Are you expressing your true talent? Are you as effective and productive as you can be? Your productivity zone is specific. To make the most of it you need to pay careful attention. I am not Malcolm Gladwell; but if I were, this could easily be the subject of my next book. To save both of us some time, I will compress the book into a concise KEY.

A critical mindset both for executives and everyone else is that your most precious assets are your time, your energy and your focus. Effectiveness is enhanced when you bring precious assets into alignment with values and purpose. In this key we explore how to maximize the productivity zone to help you apply your precious assets with this awareness in mind.

Here is the ultimate productivity insight. The idea in short: The most productive people in most fields produce their most important work in 90-120 minutes a day. That’s the bad news. But it’s the good news, too, if you know how to make the most of your Peak Productivity Zone. Top performers produce their most vital work, impactful collaborations and breakthrough innovations inside 120 minutes a day. The peak productivity zone is exercised in five main patterns (templates): Sprints, Solitude, Intervals, Transitory moments and Combinations.  To learn about these five patterns and discover your peak productivity zone click here.

© Aviv Shahar

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